Thursday, December 25, 2008

Get Closer

Becherovka is a traditional Czech liquor enjoyed equally by men and women. Long-term communication strategy of Becherovka is captured in a slogan : Get closer. That's why this Becherovka bench is specially designed to help people do just that.

Urban Knitting

This seems to be a new-age vandalism (!).

It's inspiring, it looks great, colors, idea.. Totally awesome.. Got nothing to say. (Made in France)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Bookshelfstairs (?!)

You've read right.

Or wrong.

Well, check this out, i am pretty sure that you'll be amazed.

You should have some books to fill those shelves.

Need a New Calendar for '09?

You like magnets? You need a new calendar?
There you go. A great present for yourself.

It's Over Nine Thousand!

Our current, casual guild with the Content Blobber. Over 9000.

It's crap, i know.

5 minute fun. What do you expect!

Colors are not that bad tho. I think i'll boost this with few screen-shots soon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Another odd job that i had earlier. Like a month and a half. It's about the leading mobile operator in Turkey : Turkcell is using under-age boys and girls (Max 10 yrs-old.) in their commercials for more then a year. And it's really irritating.

When i do see their commercials, my mind calls the "one".

Haha, so i got this, meet Pedocell. He is a real monster. I'm gonna get so sued.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Revolution of the Red M (The Time is Now)

Lately i have been interested in communism propagandas. Especially on posters. The dark red with that sickly, wan yellow is really attracting me to be honest. The messages are clear, everything is simple. It's right in front of you, yelling : "We are here!". Right comrade?

Tho, this one is another one that i found, it seemed pretty cool to me.

C&C series infected me like hell, general. Ffs.

And still i do think that this M&M campaign is a bit harsh for US.

Father, Son and a Donut

Well, i guess that photo says it all.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Comrade Mudkipov

Mudkip is a great meme overall. It has a high-rating among Milhouse and Slowpoke. I'm pretty sure 'bout that.

Tho, let me introduce Comrade Mudkipov to you, it'll be a bonus unit for the Soviets of RA:3's next expansion, The Rise of Pokémons.

It's screenshot already out of the bag like a cat.

Hazing Still a Rite of Passage for Rooks

1. Sun Yue stay after a Lakers game to pick up every ball, towel and empty water bottle strewn around the gym.

2. The Kings' Donte Greene, Bobby Brown and Jason Thompson come to STAPLES Center (Home court of Lakers & Clippers.) twice, the first time all toting Hello Kitty backpacks and the second time around sporting Barbie-themed bags.

3. Clippers rookies Mike Taylor and DeAndre Jordan arrive for a game wearing bright blue, pink and white tuxedos that were three sizes too small, revealing their hiked up dress socks and capping the outfit off with
Drew Carey-like dark rimmed glasses. You can see the duo right below 'ere.


The file was called as towtowdone2.bmp. I had a skinny grin when i saw it tbh. It's an old odd job, probably a warm summer pixel-work-out for me.

Was a hidden one, not anymore.

Only 19.99

Bored. 15 minute action.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sirkeci Style Breakerz

Me and Kolonel Bleep as SSB.. We don't have a "C", no worries.

Photo by Tastan. Gnom gnom.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

There'll be Blood

I do remember that i've cried while a cow was slain right in front of me. I do like red meat but this way, the "feast" (You really don't have to click.) is no good for you. Not you, he / she knows himself / herself.

Remember Remember the 5th of December

Basic paste-to-the-face, dedicated to a close friend of mine who broke up with his girl at 5th.

Missing the real quote with a month tho.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Have You Done With My Famous Designer Chairs?!

He doesn't knows what to wear, but he has some great designs imo.

"Sex Text" Teacher Meets Student Through Warcraft

A British teacher has been caught trying to seduce one of her students through text messages and one of Blizzard's games.

The secret relationship between one London teacher and her 14-year old student supports the argument that gaming should be kept out of the education system, lest some sex-crazed woman try to seduce a child.

Fourty-two year old Lynn Walls (Let's call her as a Succubus) met her male student (Her Gnome 'lock) online in one of the Warcraft games (whether it was World of Warcraft or an earlier Blizzard real-time strategy game is unknown). As they built their in-game friendship, she managed to ask him for his phone number and began texting him outside of class. These texts slowly began turning sexually graphic, with Walls explaining explicit sex acts that she would do to the student if they were to meet in person.

Walls was discovered when the boy's father found his phone and read the incriminating text messages. The police arrested the teacher creeper, but freed her following an unknown bail payment. The punishment for inciting a child under 16 into sexual acts is serious enough for potential jail time and a place on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

Judge Guy Whitburn of the Newcastle Crown Court, stated, "This is very, very disturbing....I warn you, this offence is so serious a custodial sentence cannot be ruled out."

What's your game?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Prince of Darkness ( feat. Crazy Train )

Blizzard knows how to make a game, how to make money. So, they do know how to sell that game, commercials, campaigns, attractive websites and so.

Their latest commercial series features with Ozzy Osbourne and Steven van Zandt from Sopranos aka Silvio Dante.

Right below, you can see our Prince of Darkness.